OneHive Tax

The efficiency enhancement for tax consultancies

OneHive is the comprehensive exchange platform for you as a tax advisor and your clients.

With your OneHive profile, you can keep track of all your clients, share important documents with them, and get notified in case of any changes. Your client can easily forward you tax-related documents, from new employee questionnaires to tax-related letters and income tax returns. Using the integrated DATEV connection, you can upload information and documents for your respective clients directly from your DATEV software into OneHive - and vice versa. Within the OneHive task module you can review, comment and save any document for your records.

OneHive Tax has your company’s back


Use OneHive in collaboration with DATEV and get the best from both tools.

Cost and time saving

Communicate with your client directly on the document and save unnecessary postage costs.

Minimize mistakes

Work together with your clients on relevant billing entries and avoid errors by validating personnel questionnaire fields or defining required fields

Functions in more Detail

OneHive Tax adapts to the needs of your business. Simply choose and connect the modules you need.



Task list

Receive new or modified employee contracts automatically in your task list on OneHive and view, review, export or archive them there.

Filter function

To filter tasks, you can use the search bar or simply switch between clients.

Track changes

In case of contract changes, you can track any adjustments and view old entries.

Staff overview

You have access to the profiles and employee lists of the companies at any time.

Manage clients

Manage clients

Assign further information

Keep track of all your clients and store additional information such as the responsible tax advisor or the DATEV client number.

Share documents

Invite existing and new clients to OneHive for free so they can share their employees, important documents and more directly with you.



The LetterBox is your central inbox for analoge as well as digital mail. Letters are simply received online. Paperless, clearly structured and secure.

3 steps towards more efficiency:

Letters are redirected to the OneHive inbox

We set up a forwarding order for the addressee. After that, the letterbox is the new mailing address for this employee.

We digitalize

We receive the entire mail of the addressee and digitize it daily. Via the OCR-text recognition we are able to presort the mail.

Access your mail securely from anywhere

The digital mail can then be found presorted in the Letterbox-app. It can be opened any time, searched for via the search function and shared with colleagues.

Order the originals

If a document is particularly important and the original is needed, that’s no problem. You can easily order the letters in OneHive and receive them in no time.

Overview and comment function

Letterbox enables you to manage your mail clearly and efficiently. The overview already gives you insights in the number of attached documents and possible comments written by the sender. You can add your own comments at any time.

Filter function

You can easily filter your mail by client and view their mail individually or have any mail at a glance in the general overview.

Direct forwarding

In their settings, your clients can arrange for certain mail to be forwarded directly to their tax advisor.



Scan, upload, share and edit

You can upload scanned documents directly for your respective client using simple drag and drop. The documents are then ready for review.
Depending on the document, the responsible person can sign it digitally, assign it to a document type, edit and finally send it.

Digital signatures

If needed, signatures can be made mandatory and added to important documents.

Manage clients

Clients which you have added for your scanner can also be managed here. Your clients can also request copies or original documents which can be seen and managed in your scanner module.


In your archive you can find all documents that have already been sent out and are able to review and download them at any time.


Income Tax

Clear overview

Tax returns of your clients or their employees automatically appear in your task list for review or further complex consulting. For a better overview, you can specify the respective status.


In your archive you can find tax declarations that have already been filed and either put them back into your task list or download them.

Easy use for your clients

Clients without OneHive accounts can also receive, fill out and send back tax declarations in case you invited them.



BillBox gives you the overview over your invoices, their status, account assignments, responsibilities as well as their payment status.

General overview

In your overview at the beginning you can see which invoices are new, in processing or in the final review. You can also directly see the current payment status.

Error prevention

Assign individual responsibilities to your staff to review your invoices and ensure they go through all necessary items before they are paid and filed.

Include analoge invoices

Invoices can be scanned and uploaded. In conjunction with Letterbox, invoices can also already be sent out to your invoice inbox automatically, using OCR text recognition.

Assign further information

You can enter cost centers in your BillBox, list possible suppliers and their contact details and create account assignments.


You have questions about OneHive? We are happy to hear from you.


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