OneHive Private

Our “Everything under control”-solution for private users

OneHive brings order to your mail, documents and invoices and takes over time-consuming tasks.

You don’t have to use all of OneHive’s features, but you can choose the ones that help you the most in your everyday life.

OneHive Private makes organization a secondary matter

Better overview

All your mail in one place

Accees any time at any place

Wherever you are, your documents are with you

Intuitive usage

Simply start

Your possibilities with OneHive

Letterbox can do a lot for you, let’s get started:

starting at

6,- €

per month



Because your life is too short to sort mail

The LetterBox is your central inbox for analoge as well as digital mail. Letters are simply received online. Paperless, clearly structured and secure.

Letters are redirected to the OneHive inbox

We set up a forwarding order for the addressee. After that, the letterbox is the new mailing address for this employee.

We digitalize

We receive the entire mail of the addressee and digitize it daily. Via the OCR-text recognition we are able to presort the mail.

Access your mail securely from anywhere

The digital mail can then be found presorted in the Letterbox-app. It can be opened any time, searched for via the search function and shared with colleagues.

Letterbox can do a lot for you, let’s get started:

starting at

6,- €

per month


OneHive at the workplace

You’ve been invited by your employer to join your company’s OneHive workspace?

Perfect - this means that, for example, personnel contracts can be filled out directly online and saved directly. An advantage for you and also for your employer. Just follow the link in your invitation mail and fill out your part of the contract. From now on, your employer can manage your profile as well as any important contracts quickly and securely and contact you in case of possible changes. All this is of course free of charge for you.


OneHive for your income tax declaration

You have been invited by your employer to fill out an income tax declaration using OneHive?

Just click on the link in your email and follow the steps. Your tax return can then be sent to your employer and from there directly to your tax advisor.


You have questions about OneHive? We are happy to hear from you.


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