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Manage your business easily on your own

Employee profiles, contracts, mail, invoices - OneHive supports your company in all administrative areas and enables direct communication and exchange with your tax advisor on all matters.

Use your OneHive profile to invite employees with different employment relationships, create teams with individual access rights, keep track of contract changes and manage your mail and invoices all in one place.

OneHive Office has your company’s back

Cost and time saving

Easily keep track of the centralized management of your entire business.

Always on the safe side

File tax-related documents in collaboration with your tax advisor and communicate directly on the document.

Safety and data security

IT made in Germany: Our servers are located in Frankfurt am Main, we work strictly according to GDPR and do not track any data.

Functions in more detail

OneHive Office adapts to the needs of your business. Simply choose and connect the modules you need.

Personnel module

Personnel module

Employee profiles

Create employees with individual employment conditions or invite new employees with personnel questionnaires, where you can pre-fill the necessary data. Your new employees can then easily fill in their part and send it back directly (see EasyDocs).

Easy and clear management

All your employees, their contact data and documents are clearly structures and in the same place.

Individual access rights

You can assign different roles and access rights to each employee, depending on their position and tasks within the company. For example, authorised employees can access the data needed for payroll accounting, directly in OneHive.


Create and manage teams



Digital Personnel Questionnaire

Invite new employees with a digital personnel questionnaire. You can choose from several employment categories, such as mini-jobber, employment over 450 €, students or trainees. Depending on your choice, you will be provided with individual assistance and instructions for filling out the personnel questionnaire.

Track changes

Changes within personnel questionnaire can seen and be traced back.

Connection to your tax consultancy

In case your tax consultant is using OneHive, he can directly review and verify new personnel questionnaires as well as possible changes



The LetterBox is your central inbox for analoge as well as digital mail. Letters are simply received online. Paperless, clearly structured and secure.

3 steps towards more efficiency

Letters are redirected to the OneHive inbox

We set up a forwarding order for the addressee. After that, the letterbox is the new mailing address for this employee.

We digitalise

We receive the entire mail of the addressee and digitise it daily. Via the OCR-text recognition we are able to presort the mail.

Access your mail securely from anywhere

The digital mail can then be found presorted in the Letterbox-app. It can be opened any time, searched for via the search function and shared with colleagues

Order the originals

If a document is particularly important and the original is needed, that’s no problem. You can easily order the letters in OneHive and receive them in no time.

Overview and comment function

Letterbox enables you to manage your mail clearly and efficiently. The overview already gives you insights in the number of attached documents and possible comments written by the sender. You can add your own comments at any time.

Several business accounts

If you manage several businesses at the same time, you can easily switch between them and view the mail individually or altogether in the general overview.

Individual access

Give each employee who has access to the letterbox individual read and edit rights to manage your respective mail.



BillBox gives you the overview over your invoices, their status, account assignments, responsibilities as well as their payment status.

General overview

In your overview at the beginning you can see which invoices are new, in processing or in the final review. You can also directly see the current payment status.

Error prevention

Assign individual responsibilities to your staff to review your invoices and ensure they go through all necessary items before they are paid and filed.

Include analoge invoices

Invoices can be scanned and uploaded. In conjunction with Letterbox, invoices can also already be sent out to your invoice inbox automatically, using OCR text recognition.

Assign further information

You can enter cost centres in your BillBox, list possible suppliers and their contact details and create account assignments.


Income Tax Module

Send your employees a link to fill out their digital income tax declaration.

Combine modules – work even more efficiently

You can get the most out of your OneHive by linking modules together. For example, your postal invoices can first be digitised by Letterbox and then transferred to your BillBox via your OneHive mailbox. Employee data from the personnel module, in combination with the Income Tax module, can be sent directly to your tax advisor for review, without wasting any time or effort.


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