The software for effortless collaboration with your tax advisor

OneHive is your platform for the easy and efficient exchange of documents with your tax advisor, whether as a private or corporate individual.

The OneHive tools simplify your work in all areas, whether it is about sharing your tax-relevant documents, working on personnel questionnaires together, or managing your invoices.

Link your documents and data to your OneHive account and share them with business colleagues, employees, or your tax consultant. Costly inefficiencies such as forwarding the same messages multiple times or working with confusing communication channels are things of the past now.

Our Software Solutions for you

OneHive Office
The management tool for companies
As a corporation, you can use OneHive to: register employees, directly fill out personnel questionnaires and attach employee profiles, and manage, store and forward invoices as well as relevant documents directly to your tax consultancy - which can review those and get back to you immediately. And much more…
OneHive Tax
The efficiency enhancement for tax consultancies
As a tax consultancy, you can register all of your clients in OneHive and have access to a portal for more direct communication and transfer of tax-relevant data as well as documents. Personnel questionnaires can be reviewed and verified immediately, and documents can be scanned, grouped, and sent out.
OneHive Private
Our “Everything under control”-solution for private users
As a private person or household, you can digitalize your physical mail and simply receive it in your email inbox. Additionally, you can manage all your invoices and take note of their payment status.

Modular and flexible:
Which OneHive suits you best?

We have developed OneHive to support you in all areas of management - exactly there, where you need it the most. From a digital mail inbox and managing personnel files all the way to filing income tax declarations with your tax consultant: Simply connect the right OneHive modules that best fit your needs and transform OneHive into your tool.

Organise less, do more

Micro Service Architecture

The OneHive modules don’t just support you in their respective areas; they can also be easily combined and interconnected - for maximal efficiency at your workplace.

One central access, a limitless number of accounts

Manage all of your corporations and their respective mail, documents, employees, and invoices with just one login without losing track.

Easy Collaboration

Share your document repository with employees, tax advisors, or business partners and communicate with them directly on the document.

Key Technologies

Digital Signatures
By integrating Signotec, you can digitally sign and thus validate documents before they are forwarded.
Additional KI-Systems
We are constantly working on enhancing AI technologies so that OneHive becomes even more efficient and powerful.
Personnel data can be imported and exported directly between OneHive and DATEV software.

OCR-Text recognition
Enables automatic presorting, e.g., by invoices or contracts, as well as free text search in your documents.

About Us

We work together with tax experts, experienced business owners and diverse staff to understand your day-to-day challenges from the bottom up and to find the best possible solution for you.


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