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Your one-stop shop for taxes & business administration

Manage all areas of your business via a single digital platform. Safely access your data and documents at any time and share them with selected partners, employees, or your tax consultant – never manually sort and forward your documents again.


Sort less, do more

OneHive supports you in all areas. From receiving your mail, managing your personal files, all the way to doing your income tax declaration together with your tax consultant.

Income tax return

Create your income tax return fast and convenient with your tax consultant

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Create and manage personnel contracts and files.

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People module

Manage your employees, teams and business contacts

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Use the OneHive Letterbox as the official mail address for your company. OneHive digitalizes your physical mail and categorizes it together with your digital mail. That way you can read your letters whenever and wherever you want.

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All contacts at a glance - whether employees or business partners. Organize your employees within different teams and add guests – that way you automatically keep a list of all your business contacts and responsibilities.

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Easy Doc Employee Onboarding

Personnel questionnaires have never been easier. With just a few clicks, the relevant data of your new employee is saved. The plausibility check ensures that all relevant data is available - you can then easily share the data with your tax advisor for the preparation of payroll accounting.

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Income Tax Return

Corona led many employees into short-time work, which means that they are now obliged to submit an income tax return. Make your employees aware of this fact and offer them the opportunity to have their tax return prepared digitally with the help of your tax advisor - this way you can support your employees in the best possible way.

Our Software Solution For You

Key technologies like OCR text recognition, multi-service architecture, and AI systems make OneHive an innovative and user-centric digital workplace. These technologies enable you to automate time-consuming processes - so you can use your time more efficiently.

Share Documents

Invite your partners and work together on documents.

Personalized Modules

Individually extend our basis module and match it to your wants and needs.

Tax management

Use your financial data to create your tax return digitally and share it directly with your tax advisor.

OneHive Drive

Edit and share documents from your OneHive Drive at any time from your desktop PC or tablet.

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In order to develop the best possible software for you, we work with tax experts, experienced business leaders and employees to understand your daily challenges from the start and find the best possible solutions for them.

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